Best of Both Worlds

Creating value and powering full experience by

bringing Real World assets into the Digital World

NIYOS helps creators and owners of experiential assets — such as art, collectibles, collections, buildings and other unique assets — gain all the benefits of existing in both physical and digital worlds. 

When Real World assets enter the Digital World, they are able to be experienced, commercialised and traded immediately and globally. You get the “Best of Both Worlds”. Real World assets can remain protected and secure, while their Digital World twins – in 3D, 2D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality – can be everywhere, all at once.

NIYOS builds the Apps and provides the services that allow owners to manage, experience and enjoy their assets via AR, VR and other means of visualization. It also builds the tools and services that bring full 3D showcases, showrooms, galleries, museums and other presentations to multiple experience platforms, from mobiles and TVs to VR headsets.

NIYOS is building partnerships with creators, unique asset owners, collecting institutions, future-looking businesses and brands. You can see some of our showcases here. We have an experienced team. Contact us to discuss how we work together.