What we are

NIYOS is a technology company that creates digital tools and services for experiential assets. Experiential assets are creations and objects that are unique and where experiencing the actual asset is part of its value and enjoyment. This includes art works, collectibles, buildings and music, among many possible examples. 

What we do

NIYOS builds consumer tools that allow asset owners to manage, experience and enjoy their digitzed assets via AR, VR and other means of visualization. We also build the tools and services that bring full 3D showcases, showrooms, galleries, museums and other presentations to multiple experience platforms, from mobiles and TVs to VR headsets.

Who we work with

NIYOS works with creators, collectors, designers, builders and brands — those who create or own original, unique and exclusive experiential assets. 

NIYOS helps asset creators and owners to expand their audiences and create new engagement and revenue opportunities.

As a software developer, NIYOS also builds end-user consumer software tools, such as smartphone Apps, to make using and managing digital assets easy.

Who we are

NIYOS was formed by a skilled and experienced global team of technology innovators, developers, talented creators, curators, collectors, finance veterans and business managers.

How we operate

With a management team experienced in building and operating successful private and publicly listed companies, our business is built on implementing the processes, policies, financial management, disciplines and governance required to operate as a fully compliant and responsible company.

To learn more

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Mother-in-Law, reserved edition, 3D printed

NIYOS Ltd is an exempted limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands, registered as no. 400259.
Our registered office address is at Sinclair Group Centre, 3rd Floor Genesis Building, Genesis Close, PO Box 498, Grand Cayman KY1-1106, Cayman Islands.

Our website address is: https://niyos.com. You can contact us through our Contact page.

Our Hong Kong company’s registered office address is Suite 2006, 20/F, 340 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, with business registration certificate number 73793731-000-02-24-4.