Mother-in-Law, Release 1, #35 – Stairway to Heaven


One-off unique and original digital art work, created entirely by hand by artist George Burchett.

Supplied in 3D and 2D versions, suitable for augmented reality, display on screen and printing.

The 3D version can be displayed using the Niyos AR augmented reality viewer, downloadable from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Exclusive ownership of the art work is being sold, exactly the same as if purchasing a painting or sculpture. As with physical art, copyright and moral rights remain with the artist.


As a unique, one-off hybrid art work, collecting this piece means you own multiple forms of the same original art work.

One of those forms is a 3D color-printed original, approximately 19 inches / 48cm high, delivered in a premium presentation box, with a custom-cut EVA insert, signed and certified as a 1-of-1 original by the artist. The physical sculpture is signed by the artist, dated, numbered as a 1-of-1 and has its unique release and serial number embedded in the base of its feet.

The 3D printed Mother-in-Law is ideal for display as a sculpture in your home, office or gallery. The 3D printing material is PLA (a high-strength, almost carbon-neutral, eco-friendly bioplastic, often used to make medical products), which is tough, very attractive in appearance and has good thermal resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The joints are connected by stainless steel pins and can articulate, so you can position your own unique Mother-in-Law in many poses.

To produce each 3D print, the artist’s studio undertakes additional work, starting with the 3D digital version and adapting it for printing. Some elements, such as very thin lines and details, are sometimes adjusted and the original colors are mapped to the closest color filaments available for 3D printing. The result is a 3D physical twin to the 3D digital version, with the artist’s customized variations.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work of art containing some small parts and should be kept out of reach of young children.

3D Augmented Reality (AR) App

The 3D digital version of your Mother-in-Law can be displayed using the Niyos AR augmented reality viewer, downloadable from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. The App allows you to place your Mother-in-Law on to a flat surface and then move, resize and rotate her. You can then snap photos or videos anywhere you like.

It is time to post some unique Mother-in-Law photos in extraordinary places and with your favorite heroes and celebrities! #motherinlaw #mil #niyos

3D Virtual Reality (VR)

We are working on some exciting developments with Virtual Reality (VR), so Mother-in-Law may appear in virtual galleries in future.

2D Downloads for Display and Printing

On completion of purchase, you can immediately download the 2D versions of the art work, in the following formats:

5336 x 5336 pixels, 1920 x 1920 pixels, 1080 x 1080 pixels and 350 x 350 pixels in PNG format with a transparent background. You can place these on any background color. They are suitable for printing, high resolution screen or TV display, laptop, tablet and phone display and use as an on-screen avatar.

Shipping of 3D Printed Art Work

The purchase price includes packing, insurance and worldwide door-to-door air courier service (by a carrier such as DHL or UPS) to your address. The price does not include any import duties or taxes, if any are due in your location upon import.

For the United States, import of original works of art are federal tax duty-free under Chapter 97 in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), though state import or usage taxes may be applicable.

For Singapore, GST is applicable on import at 8% in 2023 and at 9% from 1 January 2024.

For Malaysia, there is no import duty or tax on original works of sculpture (customs tariff code: 9703.9000)

For the UK, a reduced VAT rate of 5% is applicable on import.

In the EU, a reduced rate (5.5% in France, 7% in Germany) is generally applicable on import.

Please check for your specific country.

Ownership Rights and Certificate

You acquire exclusive ownership of the art work for personal, non-commercial use, exactly the same as if purchasing a painting or sculpture in any art gallery. As with physical art, copyright remains with the artist. If you wish to use the art work for commercial purposes (e.g. reproduction in any form for use or sale in a commercial product), please contact us with details about your specific use case.

Among your downloadable files, you will receive a numbered Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

For more information, see our FAQs.

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2D Digital (display, print, etc), 3D Digital (augmented reality)


Brown, Red, White


Lips, Spots, Stripes