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Witness Collection's Virtual Museum, built by NIYOS -- actual mobile device screen shot from 'North Vietnam's Defences' gallery

Open 24 Hours: We Build your Virtual Museum or Gallery

The entire world can be given access to your collection and narratives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a virtual museum, gallery or showcase.

This creates tremendous new engagement, research and revenue opportunities, with high safety and at low cost. Virtual museums and galleries will be transformative for the art world, both for institutions and private collections, as well as for commercial galleries, dealers and auction houses. Rapid improvements in viewing and experiential technology mean virtual visits will become the best way for many visitors and scholars to gain easy access to your collection. The first to build their full digital presence will gain a significant head-start and awareness.

For existing publicly accessible collections, the world opens up for the entire globe’s visitors: every time zone and any language can be supported. Unlike the physical world, virtual museum and gallery builds can be incremental; not everything has to be done at once. Changes are easy. Art works that are kept in storage due to space constraints, light restrictions or other limitations can be made always available or accessible only to invited researchers, curators and scholars.

Many private collections are off limits to the public due to the large scale of specialised secure gallery space that would be required to present them. Now they can be made accessible for the first time, adding greatly to awareness, reputation and the available resources accessible to scholars, writers and potentially just the curious.

NIYOS has worked with Witness Collection, one of the world’s largest private collections of Vietnamese art, to build a virtual museum with the equivalent of 8,400m2 of gallery space, spanning more than 40 themed galleries across six themed sections. The virtual museum can be toured via a dedicated App for Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, navigated by Apps on Apple iPhone or Android-based mobile phones or tablets, as well as explored via Smart TVs or desktop computers. 

To learn how NIYOS can build your virtual museum or gallery or to take that first step into the virtual world, please contact us. Our team has the necessary mix of digital and art world experience. We will surprise you.

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