George Burchett

Acclaimed artist George Burchett’s highly distinctive art works grace national museums, galleries and worldwide private collections, including those of Qantas, Deutsche Bank and Swire Group.

Born in Hanoi in Vietnam, the son of a legendary Australian journalist, George’s life journey is woven across the world: from art studies in Paris and Sofia to public projects and commissions in Hong Kong and Melbourne to Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney.

In 2012, George returned to Hanoi, where today he works in his studio using both cutting edge digital technologies and traditional techniques.

As a classically trained artist, who completed his postgraduate degree in mural art at the Fine Arts Academy in Sofia, George started creating digital art in 1995. As technologies have evolved, he has incorporated them into his studio toolbox, whether creating sketches on his iPad or creating public works by computer-controlled laser steel cutting.

George's art works at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi, 2022

For George’s Mother-in-Law collection, each piece is a rarity, since it is created individually by George as a one-off by hand, using a tablet and smart pencil. His family studio then transports each Mother-in-Law into her real and parallel virtual lives, using 3D printing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology from NIYOS.

Artist George Burchett